RGC family

At the RGC FAMILY we strive to enrich God’s people with his word. It is from the word of God that the sprit feeds and grows. Our members have committed their lives to serving Christ and the community in which they participate in.

The people need a home to constantly lift up their hearts and praise the Lord. Thereby acknowledging the fact that the Lord made heaven and earth. For the blessings of zion belongs to God’s people.

Our mission:

Our mission is praising God and carrying out activities of love that help God’s people and the entire population.We carry out programs that strive to educate the masses and care for the poor. Read below about our three programs.


-Donating to the handicapped program:

We donate in cash and kind to those who are handicapped in one way or another. We understand people who are less privileged need someone to be a blessing in their lives.

-Publishing the word of God:

We work with many publishers to publish books of our Christians. We also go ahead to advertise these books and articles and make sure that it goes out to the world. Other services that we carry out also include converting written books to audio books and vice versa.

-Spreading the good news :

As God’s people we continually spread the word of God via outreach, both ofline and offline. We understand that the word of God will bear good fruit in an open mind.